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Welcome visitors to the painted natural world of artist, Bianca Craig.


 May you be delighted to look through this online art gallery, showcasing Bianca's paintings. Some of her

 inspirations come from life experiences that she has come across, whether it be a beautiful place,wild

 animal,observing nature,old items or maybe just a memory from the past.

 The mediums used are of Oil or Acrylic. Paintings may be finished on wood, glass, but mostly canvas. Some

 paintings may also be viewed at the www.oliverartgallery.ca You may come across her there or in Rock Creek

 at the New Riverside Gallery located at the Kettle River Woodcraft.



Please note, paintings here on this site will not be bright & colorful
as viewing in person at the Gallery.


An old pioneer cabin where the say miners would stay during their gold extractions

at the creek side. It still stands today at Jolly Creek Campsite in Rock Creek. I drive

by through the seasons to admire it's still standing existence. Early spring, I decided

to paint the cabin as the snow was reseeding and felt the need to get it done, before

the heavy snowfall someday would come and eventually collapse this old historical

building, which will happen some year soon.

 JOLLY CREEK CABIN     12x12"     Acrylic/ Original    View at the Riverside Gallery     SOLD

Please note, paintings here on this site will not be as bright and colorful
as viewing in person at the Gallery.

 Some images on this website are copyrighted by Bianca Craig and may not be used in any manner without her written permission. All rights are expressly reserved. 


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